get out of the comfort zone!

6c648862a8ec65ff5f9a3d29c94ee26fRemarkable phrase isn’t? Get out of your comfort zone! Yeah I have been hearing this exact same phrase for almost 2 years from all my female friends’ mouth. They say I need to get out of my comfort zone and find someone to hang out with or someone a little bit more serious than that, that maybe if I get this everything else in my life will just have more sense.Translating some articles found this analysis about this same kind of situation, and the view that a psychologist from Argentina gives to it, and I thought it was a quit interesting way to view this subject. Continue reading “get out of the comfort zone!”



The meaning of life is one of the most discussed concepts in the history of the human being, and its meaning depends on the different cultural or ideological backgrounds we have. For some people life is just a ride, a ride that can give you good and bad surprises, you can be an spectator and admire what happens to other people that take the ride, you can take the ride and tightly close your eyes, or you can take the ride and enjoy it the best you can, everything is up to you! Continue reading “life?”