What Was The Most Important Lesson Your Parent(S) taughtYou? 

Hi! When I first read this question in a post of a community I follow online, my inmediate answer was: A lot!  But then I started to think what does "A lot"exactly means for me. What was exactly the most important lesson or the most important lessons that my parents taught me and that I … Continue reading What Was The Most Important Lesson Your Parent(S) taughtYou? 


The science behind the phrase

You should always trust your gut! My initial inspiration for this post was to write about the meaning of the phrase "You should trust your gut", and how we use it in our daily lives, and relate the story to a resent experience I had where with both hands in my head I said to myself "I … Continue reading The science behind the phrase

How love should sound like

  I don't know if the same thing happens to you or is it that I am absolutely out of my mind, but to me people have its own particular sound. For example, there are times that when I listen certain song the image of someone in particular appears into my head and for more … Continue reading How love should sound like

get out of the comfort zone!

Remarkable phrase isn’t? Get out of your comfort zone! Yeah I have been hearing this exact same phrase for almost 2 years from all my female friends’ mouth. They say I need to get out of my comfort zone and find someone to hang out with or someone a little bit more serious than that, that maybe … Continue reading get out of the comfort zone!