The Magic of A Single Moment

Do you know what a "Meet Cute Moment" is? https://youtu.be/VGVSVOTgS2Q   Well, a Meet cute moment is a typical scene in romantic comedies in which the characters of the story meet under unusual, embarrassing or funny circumstances, creating lets say the magic of the story. Of course this a term used to define something that … Continue reading The Magic of A Single Moment


The science behind the phrase

You should always trust your gut! My initial inspiration for this post was to write about the meaning of the phrase "You should trust your gut", and how we use it in our daily lives, and relate the story to a resent experience I had where with both hands in my head I said to myself "I … Continue reading The science behind the phrase

Get your mind off from everything else!

  This month has been a little bit challenging for me because many things needed to be decided at the same time, and the noise of all those things in my head made me lose focus of what I should really worry about which is feeling mentally and physically  good whit whatever I am doing. Getting sick for … Continue reading Get your mind off from everything else!

get out of the comfort zone!

Remarkable phrase isn’t? Get out of your comfort zone! Yeah I have been hearing this exact same phrase for almost 2 years from all my female friends’ mouth. They say I need to get out of my comfort zone and find someone to hang out with or someone a little bit more serious than that, that maybe … Continue reading get out of the comfort zone!