What Was The Most Important Lesson Your Parent(S) taughtYou? 


When I first read this question in a post of a community I follow online, my inmediate answer was: A lot! 

But then I started to think what does “A lot”exactly means for me. What was exactly the most important lesson or the most important lessons that my parents taught me and that I still keep as a permanet part of who I am and what I do?  Continue reading “What Was The Most Important Lesson Your Parent(S) taughtYou? “


The Magic of A Single Moment

Do you know what a “Meet Cute Moment” is?


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The science behind the phrase

You should always trust your gut!

My initial inspiration for this post was to write about the meaning of the phrase “You should trust your gut”, and how we use it in our daily lives, and relate the story to a resent experience I had where with both hands in my head I said to myself “I should have listen to my gut”. But investigating and reading a little bit more further about the topic I found a few interesting facts that made me change the focus I was going for with this post.

Trust your gut” is a common advice we give or receive from people, that means trust you inner voice or trust your intuition when we have to make a decision or face a situation. But did you know that scientist say that what our guts think is actually right, and they are smarter than what we think they are. For what I read, our guts are actually like an independent entity inside our bodies that can see things that our brains are not able to capture, and is the only organ system in the body that works without supervision of the brain. According to Deepak Chopra, a very famous neuroendocrinologist specialized in the study of the brain chemistry, our guts have their own nervous system and when we have a gut feeling is actually every cell in our bodies telling us what we should do.

Moreover, he number of brain cells contained in our guts are higher than the ones found in the peripheral nervous system or the spinal cord, and their nervous system do not have the ability to doubt itself like our central nervous systems do; so when We have a gut feeling is apparently every cell in our bodies telling us what is the right option for us.

Also, our guts are the ones who perceive the emotions and tell our brains how to feel about it and not the other way around. 90% of the fibers of the vague nerve, which is embedded in our guts, carries information into the brain and not the other way around. So, what people say that love enters through the stomach might actually be true. Besides that, 70% of our immune system cells are in our guts; so they certainly know what is good or bad for us, and instinctively attack what is wrong.

Well, this all for now, but I hope you found this post as interesting and funny as I did while writing it. Have a good moment and don’t be a stranger!

Get your mind off from everything else!


This month has been a little bit challenging for me because many things needed to be decided at the same time, and the noise of all those things in my head made me lose focus of what I should really worry about which is feeling mentally and physically  good whit whatever I am doing. Getting sick for worrying that much would give me anything but a huge list of medical expenses.

This morning I woke up earlier than usual because I have not being sleeping well lately, and while drinking my coffee, and the loud voices in my head started to wake up too, another voice shut them all out and took my full attention. It was the voice of one of my neighbors. I do not know if he is an opera singer or something; but sounded
much like it, He was singing really loud this beautiful Beijing opera song. Some might say this is not a good way to wake up on a Sunday, but I think it was absolutely perfect. He sounded so inspiring and expressed so much passion with his voice, you could hear his voice from anywhere in the neighborhood. It felt like if I were in a movie or something. Then everything I saw through my window while listening to my neighbor sing started to turn brighter. The voices in my head started to sound smoother and to give me options that made more sense than the ones they claimed so loud before.

Today’s advice, no need to move next to an opera singer to have an inspiring day start, you Just need to Chill Out and to start chilling out, here is a little of Sunday’s inspiration.