Different under the eyes of others-Adult Bullying

I know this is not a typical subject for my blog, but is something I decided to speak about because is a type of behaviour that should not be stand or supported by anyone nowadays. The inspiration to this post came from what I now define as one of the most uncomfortable chats I had to witness and from which I feel mad, but at the same time sad and dissapointed.

 Many people know the term  bullying as an agressive behaviour towards other person with the idea of gainning power, and the term is usually employed to make reference to the social interaction problems between certain kids and young adults. But what about those adults that never grow up and as my mother says: “If from the beginning he/she is an ass it will remain an ass for the rest of its life”. Well that is the case of today’s post. Continue reading “Different under the eyes of others-Adult Bullying”