About Me

In 2008 graduated from a BA in Modern Languages and business. My ideal job at the time was to work for an embassy or for a translation agency, but apparently my cv was not good enough. The only jobs I got offers from were as English teacher, but that was not what I wanted to do. So, I applied to a job offering as assistant for the international procurement direction of a big multinational household items manufacturer, got the job, loved it, and for the last 10 years I have been helping executives, entrepreneurs and companies in Venezuela, Colombia, Panama and the US with their procurement operations in China.


Year School/University Degree
 in course ENEB-European School of Business of Barcelona Online Master in Business and Corporate Communications
2009  CEUJAP-Center of Professional Extension Studies of Universidad Jose Antonio Paez Graduate Diploma in Foreign Commerce and Customs Administration
2008 Arturo Michelena University Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages with a Business minor



Work Experience