Victoria Miranda is a Corporate Communications graduate, who works with executives, entrepreneurs and freelancers to enhance their communication with clients, users, shareholders and suppliers. She has worked for nearly a decade with mid-size multinational companies in international procurement, supply chain outsourcing and import/export operations. In addition, she also is a translator who works translating documents from English, Italian and Simplified Chinese to Spanish.

She was born in Venezuela and had the opportunity to study, live and work in many different countries, is creative, passionate about her work and has a “I can do it attitude”; which is why she loves challenges.

Victoria holds a BA in Modern Languages and Business from Universidad Arturo Michelena, a Graduate Diploma in Foreign Commerce and Customs Administration from Universidad Jose Antonio Paez, is currently studying a MD in Corporate Communications.


2017-2019. Master Degree in Corporate Communication. European School of Business of Barcelona.

2008-2009. Graduate Diploma in Foreign Commerce and Customs Administration. Extension Center of Universidad Jose Antonio Paez. Valencia, Venezuela.
2003-2008. Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages ​​and Business. Universidad Arturo Michelena. Valencia, Venezuela.

Seminars & Courses

2015-2016. Extended academic year of Mandarin Chinese. Beijing International Chinese College. Beijing, China.
2014-2015. Academic Semester of Mandarin Chinese. EF Beijing. Beijing, China.
2015. Language Management: Introduction to translation project management, 48hrs.
2015. Stress Management: reduce stress & anxiety, 2hrs.
2013. Medical Terminology: tests & evaluations, 2hr.
2011. Legal Terminology: wills & states law terminology, 2 hrs.
2008. International logistics (2 hours).
2008. Reduction of international freight costs (1h 45min.).
2002. Academic year of general English. Evendine College. London, United Kingdom.

Professional Experience

09/2009-08/2014. Purchasing and Global Supply Manager. Victoriana Accessories CA reference: Filomena Rubbi. +584141490993.

03/2008-07/2009. Buyer Consorcio LP CA. Valencia, Venezuela. Reference: Aidelena Briceño. +584267389770.

02/2008-04/2008. Assistant of the International Procurement Director. Cyberlux of Venezuela CA Valencia, Venezuela. Reference: Alexander Tromp. +584144362260,

Freelance Experience

Laser Awards Corp. Miami, United States. External Communications manager. Reference: Tony Nazzaro. +1305, Subcontracting time: 1 year (12/2016-01/2018). Scoop: management of external communication with clients, suppliers, intermediaries, shareholders and stakeholders.

Distribuidora Bantrophies SAS. Cúcuta, Colombia. English-Spanish. Subcontracting time: 1 year (11/2016 to 11/2017). Scoop: management of external communication with clients, suppliers, intermediaries, shareholders and stakeholders.

Premiaciones, Comercializadora y Suministros S.A.S. Panama City, Panama. Spanish-English-Spanish translation, transcreation, DTP. Subcontracting time: 3 years. Scoop: management of external communication with suppliers, intermediaries and shareholders.

Institute of Spanish Studies, Translation Services Department. Bangalore, India. English’Spanish translation and DTP. Subcontracting time: 2 years (10/2015-12/2016). Words translated: 300,000 words. Scoop: medical histories, medical test, app content, internal communications.

Greentech de Venezuela C.A. Valencia, Venezuela. English-Spanish translation. Subcontracting time: 2 years (2012-2014). Words translated: 500,000 words. Scoop: user guides for electronic and household devices.

Traductores legales corporativos C.A. Valencia, Venezuela. English-Spanish-English translation. Subcontracting time: 4 years (2010-2014). Words translated: +1,000,000 words. Scoop: translation of civil, financial and academic documentation for immigration purposes.

Alimentos Heinz de Venezuela CA, San Joaquin, Venezuela. English-Spanish translation. Duration of the project: 25 days (2009). Length of the project: 25 days. Scoop: translation of three internal manuals of Heinz company.

Cyberlux of Venezuela CA Valencia, Venezuela. Spanish-English translation. Duration of the project: 1 month (2009). Length of the project: 700,000 words. Scoop: technical translation of three Venezuelan Industrial Policies.