In 2001, after high school graduation asa gift from my parents, they sent me to study English in London for a year. While living there had the chance not only to learn the language, but to travel, meet people from different parts of the world and to get my first job as a part-time Jr. Office assistant.  

After comming back from the UK, in 2003 started studying a BA in modern Languages with the twist of a business minor; from which i graduated in 2008 with a bilingual English-Spanish, a fair communication level of italian, knowledge of administration, foreign exchange and cross-cultural communication.  

Before graduation started to work as a freelance translator online and a few months later became the assistant of the international procurement manager of a big firm of electronic and household devices in Venezuela. Since then i felt in love with making business with China and everything that came after that was made in pro of persuing a career on this area, and if I was going to be in charge of international procurement and negotiation with foreign suppliers, i should have all the tools.  

So I started to get more involved with everything that surrounded the import / export world, incoterms, international trading agreements, customs, foreign exchange, shipping, costs, business culture, marketing, blogging, social media and even learn the language of whom i was working with, and here I am now.

work experiences & testimonials

Vantevest inc.

Supply chain outsourcing Project | 8 months

Refractory materials manufacturer sourcing, Schedule business trip visit to China and English, Spanish, Chinese interpreting, Price requisition, PO negotiation and placement.

Distribuidora Bantrophies

Management of recurring purchases in China to regular suppliers | 6 years

Price request and order placement of plastic and metal parts and pieces to assemble trophies and cups, work with regular vendors/manufacturers to schedule payments, shipping and delivery times.

  • victoria-miranda | trophy parts zzzz7 pieces import from china

EAZ Electronics

Product and brand design outsourcing | 6 months

Computer peripherals manufacturer sourcing, designer services sourcing to create products, logo and packing of the products. Work with the suppliers and manufacturer to schedule packing, shipping and delivey times.

Laser Awards Corp.

Recurring projects of B2B marketing and copywriting | 2017-2018

Beijing International Chinese College

6 months | Marketing and Public Relations

Client prospection, website translation, email marketing and communication with Spanish speaker students and institutions.

Premiaciones, Promociones y Suministros Latinoamerica s.a.

Recurring procurement projects | 2014 – today

Management of purchaces and manufacturing of medals and parts and pieces to assamble trophies and shipping lohistics from China to their bond warehouse distribution center in panama.

2019 | CV Traducciones, Argentina | English to Soanish freelance translator.

2016 | Translation Back-Office, Argentina | Simplified Chinese to Spanish freelance translator.

2015 – 2016 | Spanish to English freelance translator | Spanish Studies Institute.

2012 – 2014 | English to Spanish and Spanish to English certified legal translator | independent.

2009 – 2014 | Purchase manager | Victoriana Accesorios, C.A.

2010-2014 | English to Spanish freelance translator | Greentech of Venezuela.

2009 | English to Spanish freelance translator | Heinz of Venezuela.

2009 | English to Spanish freelance translator | Medios RS.

2008 – 2009 | Purchase Analyst | Consorcio LP, C.A.

2008 | International Purchase Manager Assistant | Cyberlux of Venezuela

2007 | Spanish to English freelance translator | Trofeos de Venezuela.

2007 | English to Spanish freelance translator | Luxo Ltd.

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