What is a Sourcing Agent?

Sourcing Agent is someone who finds suppliers in foreign countries for their clients, and performs outsourcing activities on behalf of them. That means suppliers’ market assestment, collect and analyse information, find great cost reduction oportunities and the best strategies to negotiate a great deal.

For 12 years, I have helped companies optimize their negotiations and supplier assestment in China, US and Latin America by helping them choose the best supplier/vendor for their project.

What are the Benefits of Hiring A Sourcing agent?

I can help you not only to find the best supplier for your project, but to build a strong business relationship with this supplier or vendor.

Can also help you avoid avoid unnecessary problems and expenses due to miscommunication problems, minimize the load of responsabilities you will have to face when outsourcing in a country that has a different time, language and culture or during your Business Trip to China or Argentina.


translation & copywriting

from US$0.05/word

I can translate or Copywrite your website content, brochure or catalog, manuals, products descriptions or listings, communications, reports, proposals and presentations.

Supplier Sourcing

Price: US$500

I can find for you that Product, Vendor or Manufacturer you are looking for in China, US, Argentina, Domenican Republic or Colombia.

Supplier sourcing + travel assistance

From US$3000

I can Asset the suppliers market, collect the information and find the Product, Vendor or Manufacturer you require in China, US, Argentina or Colombia and Plan your trip to visit and check these suppliers..

about me

Highly motivated professional whom beyond all expectations graduated in 2008 from a BA in Modern Languages & Business, had the oportunity to live, study and work in five countries, speaks three of the most important languages in the world, and currently holds a graduate diploma in Foreign commerce, a MA in Business Communications, and 11 years of experience working with Chinese suppliers.


Vantevest Inc. | Procurement & Supplies for the construction industry.

8 months

Research of manufacturers of refractory materials and other supplies for the cement industry, supplier evaluation and selection. Requesting, filling, organizing and sending to the clients the documents to request the entry visa, air tickets bookings, accomodation arrangement, transportation and schedule or visits to suppliers and enterteiment activities. Accompany the client to all the visits providing consecutive translation services.

Distribuidora Bantrophies S.A.S | trophies and Recognition Awards wholeseller.

5 years

Sourcing of a trophies accesories manufacturer. Managed the process from beginning to end, research, price list request, evaluation of suppliers against the requirements of the client, negotiation of prices and payment conditions, PO follow up, documents checking and shipping logistics from Yiwu, China to Bogota, Colombia.

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