When I am tired or when I just simply want to be in a good mood for no reason at all, I spend hours on Pinterest reading quotes and watching the pictures people pin in their boards, and the ones I like I usually add them into my own boards. Today I read one that said something like this:

“The best portion of your life will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you”

 So I instantly started to think about what moments of my life could I recall full of laugh and surrounded by people who really matter to me, and most of the images that appeared into my head were all related to my Childhood. Family, friends, parties, holidays, those silly Sunday morning get together to have breakfast, the smell of coffee in the mornings, the songs, the jokes, the water wars during carnival, the parades, the cooking lessons and so many other things.

My Grandmother made of our Childhood something so memorable that every time we get together we cannot avoid but to remember those moments, the stories of everything we did and how much we would like for all our children to have something like that to remember when they are older. My grandmother used to say to my parents and uncles, “Is a Time for them to be Children, They can be grown up’s later, let them have memories and something to laugh about when times are not that good. So lets all have nameless moments of laughs with those who matter to us: family, children, friends or co-workers and capture a wonderful memory for the days where we do not have that much to laugh about.



Get your mind off from everything else!


This month has been a little bit challenging for me because many things needed to be decided at the same time, and the noise of all those things in my head made me lose focus of what I should really worry about which is feeling mentally and physically  good whit whatever I am doing. Getting sick for worrying that much would give me anything but a huge list of medical expenses.

This morning I woke up earlier than usual because I have not being sleeping well lately, and while drinking my coffee, and the loud voices in my head started to wake up too, another voice shut them all out and took my full attention. It was the voice of one of my neighbors. I do not know if he is an opera singer or something; but sounded
much like it, He was singing really loud this beautiful Beijing opera song. Some might say this is not a good way to wake up on a Sunday, but I think it was absolutely perfect. He sounded so inspiring and expressed so much passion with his voice, you could hear his voice from anywhere in the neighborhood. It felt like if I were in a movie or something. Then everything I saw through my window while listening to my neighbor sing started to turn brighter. The voices in my head started to sound smoother and to give me options that made more sense than the ones they claimed so loud before.

Today’s advice, no need to move next to an opera singer to have an inspiring day start, you Just need to Chill Out and to start chilling out, here is a little of Sunday’s inspiration.

The Suicide of Venezuela — Joel D. Hirst’s Blog

I share this post I found today about my beautiful country, where his writer shares an exact and vivid view of what the reality in Venezuela really is today and that many people ignore or think that is impossible for something like that to happen to a country like ours. We are a beautiful country, full of beautiful women, resources and magnificent people that unfortunately got lost in the results of a huge line of terrible ideas and cultural declination, from which only the ancient memories of “what it was” will remain.

I never expected to witness the slow suicide of a country, a civilization. I suppose nobody does. Let me tell you, there’s nothing epic about it. We who have the privilege of travel often look down in satisfaction at the ruins of ancient Greece; the Parthenon lit up in blues and greens. The acropolis. The […]

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