Chill out!

Sorry for vanishing and being out for almost two months. Yes I know it sounds impossible with all the technology and all; but I am in a place called China, where what we westerners consider trivial is almost impossible and what is impossible is an everyday kind of thing. I have been away because I found a job with a possible offer of a 1 year contract and almost had no time to sit, focus, relax and write. But anyway, that is over now, and I am back full of energy and ideas.

I know that stress sometimes can be helpful and help you push your career towards your target goals, because that is what I have done in the past 10 years, and I have to recognize that I am an intense freak of an ass when my work and my reputation as a professional is on the line. End of the story my body sent me a letter that read something like this:

“Apparently you did not learn anything at all from the last time and that surgery you had, don’t you? Please pay attention, I am warning you!

PS: A nice case of Hives comes with the package, Have a nice day.”

So, I had to chill a little bit and rescheduled everything. I will be posting every 2 days and adding new things and services to my website. So I hope you like these changes.


Get your mind off from everything else!


This month has been a little bit challenging for me because many things needed to be decided at the same time, and the noise of all those things in my head made me lose focus of what I should really worry about which is feeling mentally and physically  good whit whatever I am doing. Getting sick for worrying that much would give me anything but a huge list of medical expenses.

This morning I woke up earlier than usual because I have not being sleeping well lately, and while drinking my coffee, and the loud voices in my head started to wake up too, another voice shut them all out and took my full attention. It was the voice of one of my neighbors. I do not know if he is an opera singer or something; but sounded
much like it, He was singing really loud this beautiful Beijing opera song. Some might say this is not a good way to wake up on a Sunday, but I think it was absolutely perfect. He sounded so inspiring and expressed so much passion with his voice, you could hear his voice from anywhere in the neighborhood. It felt like if I were in a movie or something. Then everything I saw through my window while listening to my neighbor sing started to turn brighter. The voices in my head started to sound smoother and to give me options that made more sense than the ones they claimed so loud before.

Today’s advice, no need to move next to an opera singer to have an inspiring day start, you Just need to Chill Out and to start chilling out, here is a little of Sunday’s inspiration.

How love should sound like


I don’t know if the same thing happens to you or is it that I am absolutely out of my mind, but to me people have its own particular sound. For example, there are times that when I listen certain song the image of someone in particular appears into my head and for more that I try to find why this song reminds me that person I cannot find a simple answer, perhaps the bit of the song sounds like it and makes me remind him or her. In this post I decided to share the sound that for me love should have, enjoy! Continue reading How love should sound like