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Different To The Eyes of Others

 I know this is not a typical subject for my blog, but is something I decided to talk about, and is because ADULT BULLYING is a type of behavior that should not be allowed or supported by anyone nowadays.

The inspiration to this post came from what I now define as one of the most uncomfortable moments I had to witness in years, because is of my believe that If you want a better society for people in general, the first step towards that better society must come from you.

 Many people know the term  Bullying as an aggressive behavior towards other person with the idea of gaining power. The term is usually employed to talk about social interaction problems between kids and young adults, but how do we define the behavior of those adults that never grow up and as my mother says: “If they were born an ass it will remain an ass no matter what for the rest of their lives”. Well that is the case of this post. Continue reading Different To The Eyes of Others