The Magic of A Single Moment

Do you know what a “Meet Cute Moment” is?


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Chopsticks are some kind of culinary utensils used in many of the East Asian countries. For some of us eating with chopsticks is kind of a challenge or at least is like that for me. Yes I know, some might say that how I cannot eat with chopsticks if the revolution of sushi and Japanese restaurants is everywhere in the world; well not all of us were interested on going to Japanese restaurants and learn how handle chopsticks properly hehe.

Anyway, when I moved to China I had to face these demons and learn how to eat with them; because here to find a restaurant where they could supply you a knife and fork if you ask for it is like mission impossible, and let’s face it you have to eat somehow. During my battle against chopsticks I started to wonder where chopsticks came from, how were they made and used, who said that they should be used like that, and how actually could I learn how to eat use them properly. Continue reading “Chopsticks”