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Why do you like that kind of movies? - Why do you like this kind of movies?Keeping sort of the same story line with which I started posting this week, today I am going to talk about that expression we women hear on a date after we are asked what kind of movies do we like.


Every time someone asks me what kind of movies do I like to watch and I say that I like to watch “Romantic Comedies” a face of horror like if I just said that I adore the devil or something appears in their faces, and say the following: “But, why do you like that kind of movies? Why women always like to watch that kind of things”. 

For the women reading this, I know you must be laughing because you have heard this exact same phrase, and for the men, you must be laughing too because I bet that you must have said it at least once in your life. I don’t know you, but usually after I hear this phrase, specially if the face of the guy has an expression like if what I just said is something horribly disgusting, I cannot help but laugh. Not of the expression of his face, well just a little; but because I start saying to myself while he keeps trying to convince me why I should not like this kind of movies, what is this: is he trying to get to know me, is he trying to have a conversation with me or is it that I had a date with the inquisition and someone forgot to talk to me about it.

Well, is not that I don’t like to watch any other kind of movies, I do. There are plenty of movies that belong to other styles that I also like to watch; but if you personally ask me what kind of movies I will prefer to watch, I will not pick a war or major drama movie, I will pick something that makes me laugh or give me crazy ideas of how to kick people’s ass in my dreams. To see war and drama I just have to watch the news, take a look through my window or get out as I used to do and see the people of my country died in the streets because they want a better country, no need to pay a movie ticket for that.

IS JUST FUN, you like your cars and fixing things, we like our funny and romantic things; if we all liked the same thing imagine how boring the world would be. Also, I think that question should be reply as follows: “Do you really want me to tell you what I like to watch or Do you want me to tell you what you would like me to reply? but off course, if I reply like this every time I hear that question, then I would be dateless forever. I leave it to you there, have fun and keep in touch!


The science behind the phrase

You should always trust your gut!

My initial inspiration for this post was to write about the meaning of the phrase “You should trust your gut”, and how we use it in our daily lives, and relate the story to a resent experience I had where with both hands in my head I said to myself “I should have listen to my gut”. But investigating and reading a little bit more further about the topic I found a few interesting facts that made me change the focus I was going for with this post.

Trust your gut” is a common advice we give or receive from people, that means trust you inner voice or trust your intuition when we have to make a decision or face a situation. But did you know that scientist say that what our guts think is actually right, and they are smarter than what we think they are. For what I read, our guts are actually like an independent entity inside our bodies that can see things that our brains are not able to capture, and is the only organ system in the body that works without supervision of the brain. According to Deepak Chopra, a very famous neuroendocrinologist specialized in the study of the brain chemistry, our guts have their own nervous system and when we have a gut feeling is actually every cell in our bodies telling us what we should do.

Moreover, he number of brain cells contained in our guts are higher than the ones found in the peripheral nervous system or the spinal cord, and their nervous system do not have the ability to doubt itself like our central nervous systems do; so when We have a gut feeling is apparently every cell in our bodies telling us what is the right option for us.

Also, our guts are the ones who perceive the emotions and tell our brains how to feel about it and not the other way around. 90% of the fibers of the vague nerve, which is embedded in our guts, carries information into the brain and not the other way around. So, what people say that love enters through the stomach might actually be true. Besides that, 70% of our immune system cells are in our guts; so they certainly know what is good or bad for us, and instinctively attack what is wrong.

Well, this all for now, but I hope you found this post as interesting and funny as I did while writing it. Have a good moment and don’t be a stranger!