Who I am?

 Communication expert from Venezuela, digital nomad by chance, graduated from a BA in Modern Languages and Business, a Graduate Diploma in Foreign Commerce and a Masters Degree in Business Communications; who is passionate about helping people, entrepreneurs and companies succeed in their communication with institutions, clients, suppliers and stakeholders, in their outsourcing projects in China or with their websites and content published in social media.
I can effectively communicate in English, Spanish and Chinese, research that product, supplier or client you are looking for, create or translate your business presentation, manuals, correspondence, website content, social media content or app scripts in multiple languages, assess and solution your internal communication problems so you can optimize your processes and multiply your incomes. 

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I am eternal cliche fighter and I love to have the last ha every time someone underestimate me because I am a woman, my capabilities of doing things or how good your education is based on the name of the institutions that extends your university tittle, because I have met once a graduate from a pretty fancy school graduated in economics who asked me if Venezuela was in Africa. Graduated from high school in June 2001, like many I didn’t know what to study or what should I do, so to discover what I wanted to do and start doing something with my life my parents sent me to London to learn English. As students there worked as a nanny and part-time waitress, until I finally figure it out, and because university studies were really expensive and scholarships were not that many, I decided to come back Venezuela. By the end of 2007 started to work as an online translator and shortly after got my first job as an International procurement Assistant for the electronic devices brand CYBERLUX. In June 2008 graduated from a BA in Modern Languages and Business. Because I had almost a year working with international procurement and wanted to be more prepared, got a graduate diploma in Foreign Commerce and Customs Administration. Kept working and studying online and offline different things related to imports, export, negotiation, logistics, branding, marketing, web design, social media and business culture. In 2014, the company I was working for in Venezuela closed and because no one was hiring, I decided to hit the road and invest in myself. From 2014 until 2016 lived in Beijing studying Chinese and working as a part-time freelancer online and off-line, and that is what I have been doing until today, work as a FREELANCER.

Well I have been applying for years to jobs all over the world so I could stay in any of the countries I have been living in, but since waiting to be chosen do not pays the bills or allow me to legally stay in a country, I have being freelancing or working as a remote professional for quite a while. However, I do not give up to the idea of working again for a big multinational company, that is what brought me to Argentina.