What Was The Most Important Lesson Your Parent(S) taughtYou? 


When I first read this question in a post of a community I follow online, my inmediate answer was: A lot! 

But then I started to think what does “A lot”exactly means for me. What was exactly the most important lesson or the most important lessons that my parents taught me and that I still keep as a permanet part of who I am and what I do? 

After thinking for a while, I think they are:

1.We do not walk backwards like crabs, we just walk forward. So you just have to keep going no matter what.

2. It does not matter what other people say or do, you are you and you should not fotget who you are or what you have learn.

3.Friends are like oportunities, some are good and some are bad, some might stay and others might leave, they will not be forever with you, you just have to enjoy as much as you can while the moment lasts.

4. Whether you like it or not family is family, and family is forever there.

If you have  a vivid memory of what was the most important lesson your parents taugh you, please give it a like and write it down in the coments bellow.

have a great day!