Different under the eyes of others-Adult Bullying

I know this is not a typical subject for my blog, but is something I decided to speak about because is a type of behaviour that should not be stand or supported by anyone nowadays. The inspiration to this post came from what I now define as one of the most uncomfortable chats I had to witness and from which I feel mad, but at the same time sad and dissapointed.

 Many people know the term  bullying as an agressive behaviour towards other person with the idea of gainning power, and the term is usually employed to make reference to the social interaction problems between certain kids and young adults. But what about those adults that never grow up and as my mother says: “If from the beginning he/she is an ass it will remain an ass for the rest of its life”. Well that is the case of today’s post.

An adult bullie is not someone who engages in physical agression, but someone who uses sarcastic language to dominate or humiliate another person.

Today’s story started with a simple picture posted on Facebook. Ok, I have to recognise that when I saw the picture I laugh a little, because I thought it looked a little weird, but I have seen worst things posted in facebook and didn’t pay that much attention. 

Then later that day, a guy, whom if i recall well, was one of the guy who appeared in the picture best friends during high school, posted an obnoxious comment about how the guy looked like in the picture and making fun of him. Then instantly a bunch of people also started to post comments about it,.saying things like: who the hell he things he is to post something like that.First, you can post wharever you want, that is why is called free social media. If you do not like the things he posts because you thing is ridiculus, stop following him. If you do not like it and keep following him, then you are nothing more than a fan. So stop saying rubbish.

second, “he looks disgusting and people say they like the picture, how is that possible”. I mean, does your life gets affected some how by the way he looks or if people like his picture or not? do you win or loose money because of that picture? Seriously, there are no universal rules about how you should be or look like. Even nature says no for us to be the same and there is no other human being with the same genetic code that you have. We all have different tastes, maybe you do not like it but others will.

Then the guy who started to post the coments says something like this, and everyone backs him up: “was a really long time without bullying him, this is so nice, he must miss us bullying him everyday like we did in high school”. For christ sake, what the…@@ are you saying, he was your “friend” or that was what I though so. I would love to have a time machine to fly back in time film you back then, and post the film in facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram or any social media in the universe, so everyone realizes that you were not as different than the guy you were making fun of, and that you look exactly the same …(leave a space for your imagination) as you were back then, just older and with two children, because even the clothes look the same.

Plus, Karma is a bitch, I just hope that those poor children of yours do not have to face what you probably did and keep doing to people.

I mean, how can these people still be like that, it has been 15 years, you went to college, you have a family, for sure you have been under a lot of experiences because you are around 34 years old now. Is ok you can make a joke, but not to use jokes as a disguise for trying to hurt other people just for fun. 

What makes me sad is to think how many people like these are in the world. What will these kind of people teach to their children. As the brilliant actress Meryl Streep said in her Golden Globe Awards discourse, “Disrespect invites disrespect, an violence incites violence“. Many venezuelans like me runed away from our beautiful contry because of the unsustainable violent situation our society is suffering. But what could this people I talked about here be running away from if they still carry violence with them and probably teach it to their children. What kind of future is there to watch.

Everything that happened and still happens in Venezuela started because of a bullying situation hidden under political motives. A situation that blew out of proportions because the right people knew what cards to play, and from which after all these years people have not learn the lesson. But anyway lets not get deep on this subject.

For those who bullie, bullying is addictive, is a drug that for sure will give you instant pleasure, but in long term when you become an emotional addict the only violence that will be inflicted will be the one you will inflict upon yourself, those who surround you and your life. 

For those who are bullied, stand up, is the 21st century, maybe not all things have change, but do not let other people abuse or tag you as weird or undesirable, because as I once read “You are not weird, you are a limited edition“. I believe you are free to say and do whatever you want as long as you do not damage other people’s lives and standing for yourself do not harms anyone.

Well, I hope you liked this post and do not think it was too emotional. If you liked it press like or leave your comments below, have a nice day!