Flight 2017 Boarding call

LIFE“airlines announces flight 2017 boarding. Your luggage should not contain 2016 bad and sad moments, but only good memories. 
If you carry bad and sad moments with you, please throw them in the closest garbage bin before boarding.

The ride will last 12  months and we might experience some turbulence, so sit back, relax and fasten your sit bell.

The next stops will be: Love, Joy, Happiness, Will, Confidence, Harmony, Wealth, Friends, Family, Peace, Holidays, Parties.

During the flight the staff will offer you the following menu:

*A Cocktail of health

*Prosperity cake

*A bowl of good news 

*Success salad

*Hapiness pastry.

*A burst of smiles as complement.

Once more, welcome on board. Me and the staff of “LIFE“airlines hope you have a plecent trip on flight 2017.