Organizing your life

Since the first day I came back to visit my sister she has not stopped talking about Marie Kondo and the art of organizing.

You might call me untrendy, but the first question in my head when I heard the words “Marie Kondo” were: who the hell is Marie Kondo? and then this name started to appear everywhere, even my email subscriptions talked about how this woman’s technique to organize houses is now use to organize everything including your career plan. So I just have to check out what was all the fuzz about.

Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant that with her spark joy technique has declutter a lot of minds around the world. 

 I know that I am a freak tidying up my suitcases and bags to travel, because usually my friends are amazed that I can carry with me a lot of (useful) things in really small bags. However, I must admit that my cloth folding technique in comparison with her crazy perfect one, is definetly shameful. But if I use her technique imagine what couldn’t I pack and keep going light.

She is absolutly right when she says that you should have things that spark joy, but I never had the time to think about the association between what i paked and how these items made me feel or how I wanted them to make me feel when I packed them until now. Crazy uhm!

So here are a few tips to organize your house using the Marie Kondo technique this 2017 and receive this new year with a spark of joy.