Why do you like that kind of movies?

www.victoria-miranda.com - Why do you like this kind of movies?Keeping sort of the same story line with which I started posting this week, today I am going to talk about that expression we women hear on a date after we are asked what kind of movies do we like.


Every time someone asks me what kind of movies do I like to watch and I say that I like to watch “Romantic Comedies” a face of horror like if I just said that I adore the devil or something appears in their faces, and say the following: “But, why do you like that kind of movies? Why women always like to watch that kind of things”. 

For the women reading this, I know you must be laughing because you have heard this exact same phrase, and for the men, you must be laughing too because I bet that you must have said it at least once in your life. I don’t know you, but usually after I hear this phrase, specially if the face of the guy has an expression like if what I just said is something horribly disgusting, I cannot help but laugh. Not of the expression of his face, well just a little; but because I start saying to myself while he keeps trying to convince me why I should not like this kind of movies, what is this: is he trying to get to know me, is he trying to have a conversation with me or is it that I had a date with the inquisition and someone forgot to talk to me about it.

Well, is not that I don’t like to watch any other kind of movies, I do. There are plenty of movies that belong to other styles that I also like to watch; but if you personally ask me what kind of movies I will prefer to watch, I will not pick a war or major drama movie, I will pick something that makes me laugh or give me crazy ideas of how to kick people’s ass in my dreams. To see war and drama I just have to watch the news, take a look through my window or get out as I used to do and see the people of my country died in the streets because they want a better country, no need to pay a movie ticket for that.

IS JUST FUN, you like your cars and fixing things, we like our funny and romantic things; if we all liked the same thing imagine how boring the world would be. Also, I think that question should be reply as follows: “Do you really want me to tell you what I like to watch or Do you want me to tell you what you would like me to reply? but off course, if I reply like this every time I hear that question, then I would be dateless forever. I leave it to you there, have fun and keep in touch!



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