When I am tired or when I just simply want to be in a good mood for no reason at all, I spend hours on Pinterest reading quotes and watching the pictures people pin in their boards, and the ones I like I usually add them into my own boards. Today I read one that said something like this:

“The best portion of your life will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you”

 So I instantly started to think about what moments of my life could I recall full of laugh and surrounded by people who really matter to me, and most of the images that appeared into my head were all related to my Childhood. Family, friends, parties, holidays, those silly Sunday morning get together to have breakfast, the smell of coffee in the mornings, the songs, the jokes, the water wars during carnival, the parades, the cooking lessons and so many other things.

My Grandmother made of our Childhood something so memorable that every time we get together we cannot avoid but to remember those moments, the stories of everything we did and how much we would like for all our children to have something like that to remember when they are older. My grandmother used to say to my parents and uncles, “Is a Time for them to be Children, They can be grown up’s later, let them have memories and something to laugh about when times are not that good. So lets all have nameless moments of laughs with those who matter to us: family, children, friends or co-workers and capture a wonderful memory for the days where we do not have that much to laugh about.