life’s meanning?

The meaning of life is one of the most discussed concepts in the history of the human being, and its meaning depends on the different cultural or ideological backgrounds we have. For some people life is just a ride, a ride that can give you good and bad surprises, you can be an spectator and admire what happens to other people that take the ride, you can take the ride and tightly close your eyes, or you can take the ride and enjoy it the best you can, everything is up to you!

Yes I know, Trying to see life from another point of view is very challenging because we are human and we feel, and as Pavlov experiments proved, we tend to react to the immediate situations that affect us and try to defend ourselves; but what if we appreciate the good things that the rough path has to offer us, what if we think that all the bad things that are coming are for a better purpose? What if everything happens to make us a better person or to show us there is something we need to change. Yes I know I might sound like the most stupid crazy like person in the planet when you read these words. Well, the only thing I could say is, that I used to think just like you are thinking at this moment from people who told me things like that, but at this moment I decided that I prefer to see the bad things as the sign that something better is about to begin, in that way when life gets bored and she changes the game when you least expect it you will not feel as disappointed about yourself s you did before.

That you have try this before for a really long time and nothing happens, well is not something that will appear like magic, is something you have to work in and might take you many years to get over it, but everything will depend on how bad you want to get over it. Yes I know is easier to run away, yes it is, I am an expert on running away to avoid rough paths, but that is just a curtain, the situation you are afraid to face is just right there behind that curtain waiting for you to open it, and believe me behind that curtain that monster is growing and by the time you open it again will be bigger than at the beginning when you decided to run away, just like when you close your eyes in a roller coaster because you are afraid and think that the worst has already happen and when you open them you realize that the ride is no over yet.

As I said in the beginning life is just a ride you decide if you enjoy the ride or not or if you get in or not, closing our eyes or just see what other people do will do nothing for us, we just have to appreciate life in a different way and stop waisting our time running away.