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“Good communication is the key to success in life and in business”

Victoria Miranda is a Corporate Communications expert, who works with executives, entrepreneurs and freelancers to enhance their communication with clients, users, shareholders and suppliers. She has worked for nearly a decade with mid-size multinational companies in international procurement, supply chain outsourcing and import/export operations. In addition, she also is a translator who works translating documents from English, Italian and Simplified Chinese to Spanish.

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Stay true to yourself

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@GoodMorning, @大家晚上好

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Yellow is one of brightess pigments in the palet of colors; one that has an imponent personality and an infinite set of shades that makes him unique in front of the other colors. Yellow is a natural communicator that inspires you with hope, confidence and inquisitive ideas, someone that cheers you up and makes you… Read More

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There are hundreds of positive emotions that have no direct English translation — Quartz

Volta, a Greek word describing a leisurely stroll down the street. Jugaad, a Hindi term meaning the ability to get by. Gumusservi: Turkish for the subtle glimmer that moonlight makes on water. Too little of the world’s astoundingly rich lexicon for feelings of beauty, positivity, and well-being exists in English alone. As such, University of East London psychology lecturer… Read More

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What Was The Most Important Lesson Your Parent(S) taughtYou? 

Hi! When I first read this question in a post of a community I follow online, my inmediate answer was: A lot!  But then I started to think what does “A lot”exactly means for me. What was exactly the most important lesson or the most important lessons that my parents taught me and that I… Read More

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